Fakta om dom olika klasserna

FIA Top Fuel Dragster - 300mph dragsters, big race entry
these cars run on expensive Nitro Methane and can reach speeds of up to 300mph accelerating from 0 - 100mph in under one second!

FIA Top Methanol Dragsters - 5 second dragsters, close racing
running on less expensive fuel but almost as fast as their nitro cousins and highly competitive.

FIA Top Methanol Funny Car - 3,000 bhp and close racing
like the methanol dragsters these cars are almost as fast as nitro funny cars.

FIA Pro Stock Car - Real cars, real close racing!
Petrol-burning doorslammers with very tight sets of rules governing appearance and specifications. Cars closely resemble production models, but are capable of hitting 6-second passes on the track! Incredible engineering and amazing racing.

FIA/MSA Pro Modified - 200mph hot-rods
are the 200mph petrol (or methanol) burning 'fastest cars with doors!" showing the first signs of similarity to a street car using bodies from the 40s to the present day.

Competition Eliminator
Handicapped to equalise the vast variety of race machines that can enter this class. No breakout. First over the finish line is the winner.

Super Comp
allows full bodied cars and dragsters running in the 8.90 sec index.

Super Gas
comprises mostly full bodied cars running in the 9.90 index. A well established class with high entries producing competitive and tactical racing.

Super Street
are full-bodied cars running to the 10.90 second index.

Super Pro ET
Cars and dragsters running to indexes between 6.30 and 8.99 seconds.

Pro ET
Cars and dragsters with a bracket of 9-11.99 seconds.

UEM Supertwin Bike - Thundering 700bhp motorcycles
This hugely popular category is also an "anything goes" class, with the sole restriction being that the machine has a maximum of two cylinders. That means nitromethane, fuel injection and supercharging are in, as are thundering, awe-inspiring high six second 200mph performances.

UEM Top Fuel Bike - 200mph, 1000bhp drag bikes
Top Fuel Bike is a combination of Top Fuel Bikes, Funny Bikes and Pro Mod Bikes. The Top Fuel Bikes are mostly 4 cylinder motors with a Puma bottom end, billet cylinder heads, screw type supercharger and a fuel injection system that will use around three to four gallons of nitro-methane on each pass.

UEM Pro Stock Bike - Screaming, petrol-burning motorcycles
Along with Competition Bike, this Pro Stock category really got the UEM Championships off the ground in 1991 and this is the class that has consistently produced some of the closets racing ever since.